Los Angeles Revision Rhinoplasty

For Revision Rhinoplasty, Los Angeles board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants offers advanced procedures to improve the shape of the nose. Many patients who turn to Dr. Grigoryants for revision rhinoplasty complain of a persistent hump, pinched or wide nose, crooked nose, and droopy or overly rotated nosed following trauma or previous rhinoplasties. Revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles is one of Dr. Grigoryants' specialties. Dr. Grigoryants performs revision rhinoplasty not only to improve the shape of the nose but also to improve breathing. He performs most rhinoplasty procedures using an endonasal (closed) technique. With this technique, Dr. Grigoryants places all incisions inside the nose. In some patients, however, open rhinoplasty would need to be performed to better reconstruct the nose. Visit our before and after photo gallery to view the results of Los Angeles rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Grigoryants

This patient underwent nose reshaping surgery elsewhere. She complained of a remaining hump Endonasal Revision Rhinoplasty was performed to reshape the nasal dorsum.
This patient underwent two open rhinoplasties elsewhere. She complained of a persistent dorsal hump, notched (retracted) nostrils, and a hanging columella. Endonasal revision rhinoplasty was performed. Nostril were lowered, tip was refined, columella brought up, and dorsal hump reduced. A lateral brow lift was performed at the same time.
Dear Dr. Vladimir,
I am so glad I picked the right surgeon for my nose surgery. I met many happy patients in your waiting room and now I can say I am one of them. My nose looks natural and beautiful. I feel more confident about myself in public.
Thank you so much.
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